RE system boasts a number of additional functionalities which will let you adapt it to your needs and support the payment processes. They include:

  • Notifications

The customer is notified via an e-mail or SMS about the forthcoming card charging date. This should get the customers ready for the charge and make them secure the funds in the account.

  • Reminders

They remind your customers about the forthcoming card expiration date to ensure the continuity of the service purchased.

  • Service suspension

Allows you to temporarily suspend charging of one card or all cards assigned to the specific service type.

  • Service modification

Any modification of the service is possible including the change of the charging date, amount to be charged etc.

  • Data modification

Your customer can, on his own, change the card expiration date or provide data of another card to continue the service.

  • Migration

Possibility to migrate the customer from one service to another (e.g. switch to a different settlement model, another service etc.)

  • Reporting

Full reports in a number of formats which enable importing the data about the payments made, payment status etc.

  • Manual charging

Any moment you can do a single manual charging of the card with any amount, outside the cycle.

  • On time payments

In case of a payment failure (e.g. if the card is temporarily blocked, there are no funds in account) you can automatically offer you customer a different payment method to cover the outstanding balance (e.g. by using a quick bank transfer).

  • Pre-check

Checking if the card can be charged later in the future. Some banks prevent the recurring payments with the use of the specific card if the functionality has not been unlocked previously. With this function you can rest assured that the card can be charged in the next predefined cycle.

  • Validation

Before the card is added to the service it is validated in the 3D Secure system to reduce the risk of possible fraud transactions or an unauthorized use of somebody else’s card.

  • Call Center

The system supports the Call Center solutions where the employees carry out the telesales of services and enables safe registration of customers by the employees/salespersons.

  • Access Rights

Full configuration of access rights for the employees, possibility to grant the rights to a specific scope of activities (creation of services, edition, access to reports etc.).

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Wrzesień 2015



Dodatkowe funkcjnalności - powiadomienie poprzez e-mal lub sms, ponawianie nieudanych obciążen, jednorazowe, alternatywne formy płatnosci.