Defining services

Defining services

With the subscription service your customers will be charged according to a predefined model. You will decide how the customer is to be charged according to your needs and the business conditions. We offer a vast array of configurations to adapt the service to the specific needs.


Examples of service configurations:

  • Charging period

You will define the charging period i.e. every X days/weeks/months. Full flexibility in defining the period to adapt the service to your needs.

  • Charging model

The customer’s card can be charged both at a specific date (e.g. the first day of a month) or after a predefined period (e.g. every X days from the subscription date).

  • Prepaid

The customer will make the first payment when subscribing to the service with the next fees being charged according to the charging period and charging model.

  • Trail

The “trial” option will allow your customer to subscribe the service with no upfront costs. The first costs will be charged after a predefined period e.g. in the next month or after X days from the subscription date.

  • Currency

The card can be charged in any currency.

  • Re-charging

Should the card authorization be declined, the predefined number of attempts (e.g. 5 consecutive attempts every day) to charge the customer’s card will be made within the predefined period.

  • Single payments

Should the card authorization be declined the customer can be offered the possibility to make a one-off payment in a different manner (e.g. by using another card, online bank transfer etc.)

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