Adding subscriptions

Rejestracja klienta

Adding subscriptions

Customer registration in the service is possible by using the ready-to-use forms as well as API.

With RE you do not need to worry about how to implement the service as we offer three simple integration models adapted both to the needs of not advanced customers who require simple and reliable solutions without getting involved into sophisticated IT processes and the possibility of full integration with your service or application via API so that your IT team could fully implement the service according to the current needs and technological requirements.

  • HTML code

After subscription and configuration of the service you can generate a ready HTML code which can be embedded (pasted) into your website. Such a simple form can be changed and modified including modification of the appearance and the layout.


  • External form

It is the simplest of the options where we put the customer registration form in our safe server. All you need to do is to embed a simple button or a link into your website. All the rest is our concern.

  • API integration

The demanding customers are offered a full technical documentation and assistance of our implementation team in the implementation of forms and registration options in your system no matter if it is a web service or a mobile application.

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Wrzesien 2015



Rejestracja klienta - poptrzez zewnętrzne, personalizowane formularze, gotowy kod html lub integracja poprzez API.